I work with chance. The objects I find, the marks I make, and the happy accidents that occur in process are a direct result of chance encounters. These encounters occur during the creative process, a journey of the mind and the senses - a process I have grown to trust. My filter consists of a strong preference for the graphic mark and intentional form with a strong orientation toward organizing and editing.
I move back and forth between sculpture and the making of pots. Both are concerned with form, surface, and color. But, pottery is governed by function which takes the creative process in a very different direction. This counterpoint of opposites has the effect of cleansing the creative palate and allowing for new influences and inspirations to bubble up, sometimes providing an exciting intersection between sculpture and pottery.

Education: BFA Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA

2011 to Present: Founder and owner of CityClay, a community ceramic studio in Charlottesville, VA